Main Ladega Movie

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Main Ladega Movie The story tells how a boy (Akash Pratap Singh) who witnesses domestic violence and experiences being abused at a tender age turns his anger into a boxer.

Main Ladega Movie

MAIN LADEGA – Official Trailer | Akash Pratap Singh | Kathakaar Films | IN CINEMAS 26TH APRIL

Main Ladega Movie Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Release Date26 April 2024
CastAhan Nirban, Akash Pratap Singh, Ashwath Bhatt
DirectorGaurav Rana
WriterAkash Pratap Singh
ProducerAkshay Bhagwanji, Pinakin Bhakta, Akash Pratap Singh
ProductionKathakar Films
CinematographyLucky Yadav
MusicGibson George, Akshay Menon, Mukund Suryavanshi

About Main Ladega Movie

The film tells the story of a boxer who struggles to save his mother from his abusive father and who aspires to become a boxer and becomes one.

Main Ladega,” the upcoming boxing drama that will hit the theaters on April 26, 2024, promises to be an engaging and emotionally charged film. Directed by Ki Gaurav Rana and starring Akash Pratap Singh, who also wrote the screenplay,

The recently released trailer of the movie “Main Ladega” is capturing the hearts of the people giving a glimpse of the intense and disgusting world of the movie. It features Akash Pratap Singh’s character, a talented boxer, who is torn between his passion for the sport and his responsibilities to his family.

Main Ladega Movie Images

 Main Ladega Movie     The story tells how a boy (Akash Pratap Singh) who witnesses domestic violence and experiences being abused at a tender age turns his anger into a boxer.

As he rises to the top in the boxing ring, he also battles demons from his past, determined to save his mother from further harm. And he fights for his mother.

Main Ladega Movie The plot of the film is not only about boxing; It delves deep into family dynamics, and the complexities of sacrifice and the search for justice. And he decides to become a boxer. The hero’s journey is a poignant exploration of the lengths he will go to protect the one he loves, even if he risks it all in the process. He makes this decision for his family.

Produced by Akshay Bhagwanji and Pinakin Bhakta under Kathakar Films, the film also stars Gandharva Dewan, Vallari Viraj, Ashwath Bhatt and others.

It’s a film that packs a punch, both literally and metaphorically. With its compelling storyline, powerful performances and vivid depiction of real-life struggles, it is a must-watch for cinema buffs everywhere. And a man would do anything for his family.

Main Ladega Movie Song

Main Ladega – Anthem | Akash Pratap Singh | Ashwath Bhat | Gandharv Dewan | Romy | Jyoti Gaub

Main Ladega Movie Akash Singh Pratap’s portrayal in the song Main Ladega highlights his character’s journey of resilience and determination as he prepares to face the challenges of the world. The film explores the emotional narrative of a boy’s struggle against the patriarchy in his own home, which necessitates an anthem to reflect its intensity.

The recently released Main Ladega Anthem is a powerful companion to the film, encapsulating its theme with catchy music and visuals depicting the hero’s inner and outer battles. Aakash Pratap Singh expresses his connection to the song, emphasizing the character’s ability to convey emotion and triumph.

Scheduled to release on April 26, 2024, Main Ladega promises to be an action-packed yet emotionally resonant viewing experience.

The visual appeal with its poster was also tremendous and now the trailer of the film has been released. Once again the trailer is so well shot that it captures the essence of its subject beautifully.

The guy who boxes is as far away from boxing as anyone can be, yet we get to see an amazing transformation, two completely opposite sides. What is further surprising is to see that this is the same boy who was not like a boxer, had a thin body and became a boxing magician.

Akash is seen as a boxer with a never-say-die spirit, but one also wonders if it was his past that led him to the boxing ring? Well, the answer to all these questions will be known only on 26th April.

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