Monkey man

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Monkey man In the movie Monkey Man, a man sets out for revenge In this Indian city, a rookie fighter (Patel) wearing a monkey mask sets out to avenge an old wrong.

Monkey man Hindi Trailer

Monkey Man | Official Hindi Trailer

Dev Patel’s still-green hero Kid is asked the question by a pushy arms-dealer in Monkey Man. (The dealer has one of Wick’s signed handguns, a TTI Combat Master, in his catalog.) It’s a meta moment that points to one of writer-director-star Patel’s many action-movie influences; When the film’s pulsating trailer was released, filled with sharp gunshots and sharp knives, comparisons to the Keanu Reeves franchise spread like bullets

Monkey Man takes a straightforward revenge-o-matic plot – Patel’s never-named child seeks justice for his mother’s violent death, going after the elites who allowed it to happen – and ancient Indian mythology. Stirs in new masalas including (be prepared to get acquainted with the monkey god Hanuman) and modern politics (Patel’s punches are pointed).

Famous actor Dev Patel has been in the news for a long time due to his upcoming film ‘Monkey Man’. And he takes a change in this film now that the trailer of his film has been released. This trailer is full of action, drama and emotions. Dev Patel will make his directorial debut with this film. Actress Sobhita Dhulipala’s glamorous look in this trailer has attracted the attention of many people. Watching the trailer, people’s hearts are filled with an emotional story.

Release date India4 April (2024)
LanguageEnglish Hindi
CastDev patel, sharlto copley,sobhita Dhulipala,Brahim chab,sikandar kher,
DirectorDev patel
Duration1 h 53min
Monkey man

After watching the trailer of the movie ‘Monkey Man’ one can guess that the story of the movie revolves around a boy who lives his life in a fight club. Dev Patel plays the role of a boy who fights behind a monkey mask.

Dev Patel’s movie Chamanky Man is all set for a worldwide release on April 5. And it will release in India on April 4. The film is produced under Jordan Peele’s own MonkeyPaw Productions, while the film is being released by Universal Pictures.

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      Monkey man In the movie Monkey Man, a man sets out for revenge In this Indian city, a rookie fighter (Patel) wearing a monkey mask sets out to avenge an old wrong.

Actress Shobhita Dhulipala will make her Hollywood debut with Dev Patel’s ‘Monkey Man’. After working in Bollywood and South cinema, Shobhita is now working in Hollywood for the first time and is all set to try her luck. Her glimpse is seen in the trailer of Monkey Man

There, too, there are moments of originality and cinematic calm – a training sequence involving a tabla drum; A puppet puppet show – that adds to the proceedings. And the climax, a floor-by-floor climb through a depraved nightclub, like a quest for a cursed mountain, should leave any thrill-seeker satisfied. Dev Patel, the unlikely action god has arrived. Heed his call.

The film suffers from EFS (excessive flashback syndrome), in which many sunny bits of the kids’ blessed childhood are flashed back to us. On the other hand, neither the scholarly sidekick Alfonso (Pitobash) nor the friendly sex worker Sita (Shobhita Dhulipala) are enough, both of whom drift away from the story after promising introductions. A lull involving the care of young children by mystics known as ‘hijdas’ makes the otherwise tough story a bit dull in the middle.

Stylish, high-energy, smart, and eye-wateringly violent. There are quibbles, for sure, but where it counts, Monkey Man goes bananas in the best possible way

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The trailer of action thriller movie ‘Monkey Man’ has been released. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ actor Dev Patel has directed the film and also stars in it. Shobhita Dhulipala also entered Hollywood through this film. In this 3-minute trailer, God stands against those corrupt leaders and takes vengeance. Actually, he is planning to avenge the murder of their mother (Aditi Kalakunte) who is still tormenting the poor and helpless people.

The story of the film is based on India and it seems to be inspired by the story of Hanuman. In the trailer, Dev’s character is shown in an underground fight club where some famous fighters go and beat him up for money. He wears a gorilla mask during fights. This trailer has glimpses of Dev’s childhood in which he is seen spending time with his mother and how his life ended.

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