MS Dhoni

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There is no doubt that MS Dhoni is one of the most popular cricketers in India.

During the IPL season, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) fans go out of their way to show their support for Thala, Dhoni’s nickname, which translates to ‘leader’ in Tamil. During Friday’s match between GT and CSK, a Dhoni fan went out of his way to express his love for the cricketer

MS Dhoni During the match, a fan crossed the boundary and invaded the pitch. With lightning speed, he reached Dhoni and bent down to touch the former captain’s feet, and Dhoni hugged him.

Dhoni then hugged the fan and tried to calm him down as security guards ran towards the pitch invader and took him away. Now a video of the attack on this pitch is going viral. Many feel that pitch invasions are justified

While many feel that pitch invasions are just an expression of extreme love for the player and also add to the entertainment value of the match, others say that such acts compromise the safety of the players and disrupt the flow of the match.

MS Dhoni The video of the attack has received more than 6 lakh views in less than a day. Commenting on this, an X user highlighted Dhoni’s popularity and wrote, “Comparison between Mahi and all cricketers in the world of all time is unmatched in the cricketer’s love. He is in a different place now

MS Dhoni He actions disrupted the game.

One user noted how Dhoni handled the situation in the best way possible and said, “His actions disrupted the game. He drove the intruder off the pitch, pinning the man to himself in a way that helped officials quickly regain control and restart play. Also gave Intruder a fanboy moment. All go back happy-happy.

You can almost feel the Narendra Modi Stadium vibrating. It was so loud. But Dhoni was just getting started. A six off the remaining eight balls would not have been enough if 53 runs were to be won, but who cares? Fans wanted Dhoni to bat them all. And he almost did, tackling seven of them.

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