The Bikeriders Movie 2024

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The film tells how over the course of a decade, a Midwestern outlaw motorcycle club called Vandals MC has evolved from a simple gathering place for local outlaws into an organized crime syndicate, threatening the original founder’s vision and lifestyle.

The Bikeriders Movie 2024 Trailer

THE BIKERIDERS – Official Trailer 2 [HD] – Only In Theaters June 21

The Bikeriders Movie 2024 Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Release Date21 Jun 2024
DirectorJeff Nichols
WriterJeff Nichols
MusicDavid Wingo
ProducerSarah Green, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Arnon Milchan
ProductionFocus Features, Regency Enterprises, New Regency Productions, Tri-State Pictures, 20th Century Studios
The Bikeriders Movie 2024

About The Bikeriders Movie 2024

As the culture and people of America were changing, the bikers captured the rebellious times. After a chance at a local bar, strong-willed Cathy (Jodie Comer) is drawn to Benny (Austin Butler), the newest member of a Midwestern motorcycle club, led by the mysterious Johnny (Tom Hardy), the Vandals. Like the country around it, the club begins to evolve

The local turns from a gathering place for outsiders into a dangerous underworld of violence, forcing Benny to choose between Cathy and his loyalty to the club.

Over the years, Cathy does her best to navigate her husband’s reckless nature and loyalty to Johnny, with whom she feels she must compete for Benny’s attention. As life among the Vandals becomes more dangerous, and the club threatens to become a more sinister gang, Cathy, Benny and Johnny are forced to make choices about their loyalty to the club and to each other.

generated some buzz on the indie festival circuit and set the stage for another auspicious greeting for his sophomore project, the apocalyptically-tinged Take Shelter (2011), which stunned the film world by taking home honors at the Cannes Film Festival. His most recent feature film, The Bikeriders (2024), premiered at the 50th Telluride Film Festival and was shot primarily in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Bikeriders Movie 2024 This movie is playing in theaters only. To score tickets, it couldn’t be easier: just click here to head to Bikeriders’ ticket page, where you can browse local shows and screen times (and even dial up a behind-the-scenes trailer or three) all to your heart’s content.

“I discovered Danny Lyon’s book 20 years ago, and it’s been an obsession in my life ever since,” Nichols says in the film’s production notes, “quite simply, [it was] the coolest book I’ve ever had. My hope was to make a film that captures the emotion of the encounter and more importantly conveys it to the film-going audience. This is what I wish for bikers.”

Bikeriders isn’t streaming yet, as it’s only showing in theaters right now. But the film is expected to arrive on Mayur when it finally goes live.

“I’m more drawn to film and theater,” Butler told Esquire in our latest cover story, saying he’s most interested in “directors and actors, characters, stories.” The trailer focuses on the strained relationship between Benny (Butler) and Kathy (Comer), as Benny refuses to remove himself from the bikers’ conflict. Take it from Tom Hardy’s character, Johnny: “If he wants to ride a bike, he’ll ride a bike.

The Bikeriders Movie 2024 Bikeriders landed with focus features. (Universal is handling the film’s international distribution.) Now, audiences will finally get to see The Bikeriders this summer. According to the official synopsis, the film will follow the club as it evolves over a decade. As their situation becomes increasingly dangerous, tensions begin to threaten the bonds the group holds dear.

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The Bikeriders Movie 2024
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